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Take a trip down to Candy Town!





Fashioned for Change will have a booth at the outdoor festival Candy Town in Yaletown, Vancouver on the 23 of November from 12pm – 9pm. We will of course have a range of our stunning hand-beaded jewelry, accessories, and little travellers, but we will also be selling christmas ornaments, and some new styles! Since each one of our products is uniquely designed, handcrafted, beautiful, and comes with a wonderful story, we think they make the perfect, personalized gifts for the holidays. Little travellers can even be attached to cards, and gifts, as a way of not only passing along a great message, but as a further special present to the receiver, by matching the little traveller to their personality, or passions. The holiday ornaments also make great surprises, or decorations. Take a look below at the intricate beadwork on them! Incredible.ImageImageImage

Fashion, art, innovation….. and Sustainable! Awe-inspiring creations by Gary Harvey


Fashion designer Gary Harvey’s eco-couture line is created entirely out of recycled and refurbished clothing items. That is correct, each of those dramatic, and beautiful gowns above, is completely sustainable!

Harvey says “The collection was initially set up to raise awareness of limited natural resources and environmental issues involved in placing unwanted clothing into landfill and generate respect for the craftsmanship in recycling/upcycling.” What a great initiative to not only raise awareness around the environmental issues surrounding the fashion industry, but also counter the stigma that all sustainable and recycled clothing looks “granola”. Harvey’s gowns are far from what many people would picture as recycled clothing, each one is a work of art. In fact, Harvey’s gowns haven’t just received attention in fashion events, and the media, but have also been in art galleries and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art.

For more of Harvey’s work, visit his website here: http://www.garyharveycreative.com/#!eco-couture/cyuu


Hillcrest AIDS Centre shop Contest!



The Woza Moya Hillcrest AIDS Centre Facebook page is holding a contest! They’re aiming to get 500 likes on their page for the shop, featured above, and once they reach 500 likes they will be drawing a name from those to send a free little traveller! The link to their page is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woza-Moya-Hillcrest-Aids-Centre-Trust-Friends

We highly recommend liking this page. Besides having the opportunity to have an adorable little traveller sent to you, you get all the updates on the quickly expanding shop at Woza Moya in South Africa. Just look at how elegant, and unique the dress in the photo below is. 

You can also get previews for some of the Christmas ornaments and decor that Fashioned for Change will be selling at different venues closer to the Holiday season (more updates to come as we approach). 


Spreading the message, one photo around the world at a time.



Some photos of the Little Travellers on a trip in Mexico! It is always so wonderful to see where our little travellers and their adoptees end up around the world. If you send us a picture we will post your picture on our websites, and your story! We are hoping we will be able to travel the entire world with pictures of the Little Travellers. What a unique and beautiful way to spread the message of Fashioned for Change around the world, and to send back to let the makers at the Hillcrest AIDs Centre where their beaded creations end up. 


Sustainable, Ingenius, Beautiful and Creative – A sneak peak at the new catelogue for the Recycling Project at Woza Moya


Sustainable, Ingenius, Beautiful and Creative - A sneak peak at the new catelogue for the Recycling Project at Woza Moya

Remember when we posted that great article written about Francis Ngaeje? Now Woza Moya is taking the sustainable initiative one step further by incorporating these genius recycled creations in their new catalogue! Take a look at the sneak peak from the new catalogue and the Recycling Project. Each product is made entirely from refurbished material. Not only is their message extremely important and positive, they are really funky and beautiful to look at.

Imagine all the possibilities!

Woza Moya Group Exhibition, Spring, at the KZNSA Gallery!


The artisans of Woza Moya haven’t just been beading beautiful jewelry masterpieces, but they have also been creating art!

With exciting new work from the following artists:

Nkululeko Chiliza

Nokuthula Phewa

Frank Sesing Nthunya

Sphamandla Mpilwenhle Mdluli

Tholakele Mbambo

Lindiwe Ngcobo

Woza Moya Manager Paula Thompson said the exhibition will display South African art at its best. “These eight crafters have developed from just making products so they could put food on the table to using their craft to express themselves – they are phenomenal artists and the exhibition will excite and inspire,” she said.

The artists, who are all from communities in the Valley of 1000 Hills region, have each developed a body of work over the past year and their best pieces have been curated into this exhibition.  “One of the hardest parts of being a crafter is you never get the opportunity to show the world who you could be as you are too busy making craft to sell to survive.  Over the past year our chosen craftsmen and women were given the opportunity to make pieces from the heart, which were the culmination of their emergence from crafter to Artist/Artisan,” said Paula.

Highlights of the exhibition will include a beaded portrait of Nelson Mandela, beaded designer shoes, ceramic art, a short movie about the well-known Yarn Bombing project Woza Moya undertook in 2012, and an 8000 origami crane installation depicting the statistics for HIV tests conducted by Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust in 2012. “The number of cranes is equal to the number of HIV tests we did in 2012, with one colour representing those that tested HIV positive, and one colour representing those that tested negative,” explained Paula. “In this way we can give people a powerful image of the impact of HIV in our province.”  – http://www.kznsagallery.co.za/exhibitions/woza_moya.htm

The exhibition runs from September  3rd until September 22nd.