Not just your everyday chair. Ours is made of Dreams


After seeing the South African artist collective Streetwires Lion in 2009, Woza Moya was inspired to create an inspirational beaded chair that would hold the dreams of 150 beaders who contributed to it, becoming The Dreams of Africa Chair. Flanking its two sides are maps of Africa, creating outstretched wings for this very unique piece of art. The chair travelled around South Africa letting members of the community sit in the chair and have their picture taken; while being enveloped in an intricate weave of beaded dreams. Image

The project that brought over 150 women living with HIV/AIDS in a communal effort to inspire to dream and to live strong, didn’t just inspire those in South Africa. It reached all the way to New York to tug at people’s heartstrings. In november 2010 The Dreams of Africa Chair took a trip to New York, capturing stories of New Yorkers with tireless photographer Dominic Ronzo. ImageAs seen in the photo gallery, the chair touches people from all walks of life and has since travelled around the world carrying the dreams and hopes of the women from the HillCrest AIDS Centre Trust with it.


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